What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Is it being born a prodigy? Is it having a Type-A personality? Is it being an extrovert who spends all their time tinkering around on projects?

How can you help your student find their:

Sense of Self

The T3 project will focus on training teachers to develop the visioneering skills of their students. ESC Region 12 is partnering with Baylor University to instill the passion of teachers to empower their students to begin creating their own businesses. This unique values-based, experiential learning focus of Baylor’s top-ranked entrepreneurship program taught by Baylor faculty and practicing entrepreneurs. Visioneering offers 15 hours of instruction, inspiration and classroom resources and the opportunity to participate in a makerspace activity. Sessions conducted in the Foster Campus for Business and Innovation.

Cost: $400.00

(No co-op discounts available for this project)


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