ESC Region 12 recently conducted a New, Emerging and Evolving Careers Workshop and we identified that a demand occupation in the state of Texas is Computer Programming. There will be 300,000 available computer programming job openings by 2020. Will the students of Texas by ready?

ESC Region 12 is partnering with Vidcode, a curriculum based computer program that teaches students in grades 4-12 computer programming through their favorite hobby, VIDEO MAKING! Our goal is to get students career and college ready by becoming JavaScript proficient. Vidcode has assisted schools and school districts prepare their students for the computer programming job market.

Please see a demo video below:

Please forward and share this demo with your CTE/TECH person on how we can get the students of Texas career ready!

I would like to introduce you to our Vidcode contact, Ted Robinson. He is your contact to have a discussion on how we can assist your school. If you are interested you can book a short 15-minute call with Ted by clicking on the button below.

Please let me know if you have any questions at


Christine Holecek, CTE and College & Career Ready Specialist

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