Please share with your TED Administrators so updates can be made by October 26.

Reminder to TED Administrators: Please update your district, school and personnel information in AskTED by October 26th. It will be used for the 2017-2018 Texas School Directory.


The new 2017-2018 Texas School Directory is now in the production stages. We need the most current information for your district and schools by Thursday, October 26th.


Access AskTED administration through your TEAL/TEASE accounts and select TED – Texas Education Directoryfrom your list of applications.


Please check:


Superintendent, principal, board member, and administrative staff information;

District and school contact information;

Email addresses, mailing and site addresses, phone and fax numbers.


Verify that both school mailing address and school physical address are listed for all of your schools. If the school physical address is missing, please add this information, and include both a street number and name. A PO box is not allowed for the school physical address.


Verify and update the magnet status and the residential facility status for the schools in your district, if applicable.


Foster Care Liaisons and Homeless Liaisons are now maintained in AskTED. If your liaison is not listed in AskTED, please add this information.


Also, if you have a new school that has been assigned a high school code (CEEB Code), please contact the TEA AskTED Administrator at so this code can be added to the school listing in AskTED. Please check with your school’s head counselor.


If your district does not have a TED Administrator, please designate a member of your staff. This person can apply for TED – Texas Education Directory access here:

Districts may have two TED Administrators, a primary TED Administrator and a backup.


If you have any questions, please contact Lynne Krajevski, TEA AskTED Administrator, at or512-463-9809.


Thank you,


Lynne Krajevski

AskTED Administrator

Division of Research and Analysis

Texas Education Agency


AskTED Updates – Complete by October 26