As we begin to prepare for the Domain accountability system, I would like to share one big change in how your 2017 cohort will be analyzed for this new system as compared to the Index system.

In Index 4, the Career and College Readiness measure included three options for students to “meet” this requirement:
Inline image 1
For the College, Career and Military Readiness data set in Domain 1, I wanted to take some time to note that the CCM-R indicator has some familiar and some new factors. However it is important to note will not include CTE courses either enrolled or completed in any way. *This is different from what was proposed for Domain 4 before the passing of HB22. This is currently a high data point in our region.
We will be sharing information directly from TEA over the next couple of months on the overall system and Domains. Look for information coming soon on dates/times.

Denise Bell
Education Specialist III/ Coordinator
Education Service Center Region 12

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Changes to CTE in the Accountability Domain System