The confidential 2017 accountability data tables, student lists, and Index 1–4 data downloads for your district and each campus in your district are now available through the Texas Education Agency Secure Environment (TEASE) accountability website. Please see the instructions below for accessing the TEASE site.


About the Accountability Data Tables, Student Lists, and Index 1–4 Data Downloads

Reports are available for all campuses and districts that received a 2017 state accountability rating, including registered alternative education campuses (AECs) and charter districts that are evaluated under alternative education accountability (AEA) provisions. The data tables detail the results used to calculate each index. Additionally, confidential student-level information for each accountability index is available for download. Finally, the Index 1–4 data downloads provide campus-level and district-level information for all data elements used in accountability calculations.

Please note that the data are confidential. Masking procedures that maintain the confidentiality of individual student results were not applied to reports that are available in the secure environment. The intent is to provide you with the actual data used to determine accountability ratings. You may use the data provided in conjunction with the 2017 Accountability Manual to review your accountability outcomes.


What’s Next

Date Activity
August 14 2017 preliminary accountability tables with rating labels, distinction designations, and system safeguards released to districts (TEASE)
August 14 2017 appeals application available to districts (TEASE); 2017 appeals window opens
August 15 2017 preliminary accountability tables with rating labels, distinction designations, and system safeguards released to the public (public web)
September 15 2017 appeals window closes (2017 appeals deadline)


Accessing the TEASE Accountability Site

  • Log onto TEASE at, or if you have migrated your TEASE account to the TEA Login (TEAL) secure portal, log onto
  • If you have access to TEASE Accountability, you will see ACCT – Accountability listed as one of the Web applications. Launch ACCT – Accountability.
  • Superintendents who do not have access to TEASE Accountability must request a username and password through the TEASE Applications Reference page.
  • You may also use this reference page to reset your TEASE password. If you are unsure whether you have TEASE access and/or have forgotten your TEASE username, e-mail TEA Security at

Please share the information in this email with your principals; they will not be notified separately. If you have questions about these reports, please contact your ESC or call the Texas Education Agency Department of Performance Reporting at (512) 463-9704.



Contact Information

Texas Education Agency

Office of Academics

Penny Schwinn, Deputy Commissioner

Performance Reporting–Jamie Crowe, Executive Director

(512) 463-9704


2017 Accountability Data Tables – Available in TEASE